Monday, May 11, 2015

Why Not Me?

Yesterday I read a [post] by Robert and it made me think, why not me. I guess I never realized how much I suffer from analysis paralysis. I've read plenty on the subject but just didn't see it in myself.
I think the main reason is that there are always logical reasons why I can't move forward. I don't own that domain. I can't find a host. I only have a phone to work with. I don't have enough money for inventory. I need to do more research.
Not this time. Here was an idea that would cost nothing. All I need is effort and creativity. A store front isn't needed. No inventory required. I don't have to pay for targeted ads on social media.
It might not make money but I can do it and I can write about it. I can get my feet wet and document my learning process, my failures, and hopefully my successes.
Check back later for more on this, I'm gonna go throw some things at the wall to find out what sticks.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Give Link Love to Sites You Like

Everyone posts links on Twitter and or Facebook and every site except this one has a blogroll. These are excellent ways to provide a little link juice to sites you like. We can do a little more though.

I'm currently running my blog on blogger which sucks, but I digress. I also have a blog on and I post links on these sites along with Twitter.

In my old days I ran a self-hosted wordpress scraper that aggregated links to scifi, cartoon, and comic book articles. It ranked pretty good on Google and made me about $100-$150 every month. That isn't great money but it was virtually free so I didn't complain.

The main reason it did so well was that I created a small private blog network for myself on just about every free blogging platform I could find. Google has updated it's algorithms now so this generally doesn't work quite so well and I personally think it shouldn't. I've since discovered that being a shitty scammer isn't cool...

Links should be natural and organic. That's why I advocate posting links to friends sites on your small blog network. A site with links to articles you like added over a period of time is real and not spammy.

Go share the love.

Friday, November 28, 2014

My Problem With the Manosphere

My problems with the manosphere are twofold. The first is basically a personal issue. I'm a serial enthusiast. I can not commit to a topic. Niche sites are not for me.
Enter my second problem, I absolutely can not waste my time complaining about women, SJWs, the Cathedral, or any of the other pathetic memes I see in the manosphere. I'm married so I'm automatically suspect or seen as a traitor of some kind. I don't have an idea of manhood that amounts to a caricature of masculinity. I'm not afraid of appearing beta to some paper alpha who is likely a basement dwelling internet fucktard. In short, I don't fit in.
I don't care. The manosphere is about being unplugged and throwing off restraint. Living like a man means not apologizing for the choices you make.
If you look at the successful people in the manosphere you will see that they have focused on self fulfillment and telling their stories. Not whining like a bitch about how evil the womenz are.
This will not be that kind of blog. This is just a site to tell my story. My story may not fit a topic. That's ok though. It's my story, not yours.

Friday, November 7, 2014

#NoNothingNovember Update


Since I decided to take the plunge in the wee hours of November 3rd I've noticed that this being busy thing is hard. Trying to continually move towards a goal when you are used to dragging your feet can be murder. Your mind tries to do little innocuous things to get you to go back to being lazy. You focus on how little time there is for your goal when working a full time job. Oddly enough your mind isn't vocal about the lack of time when the idiot box is playing a show you are used to watching.


I've been doing a lot of research on a variety of things ranging from seo to passive income generation to tools for Android. While all of this is necessary it feels like I'm not getting things done. This of course is another trick of the mind. If my inner couch potato can just convince me that I'm not making progress then perhaps I'll chill the hell out.


I've learned that there are a lot of possibilities for generating passive income. There are quite a few that aren't really passive but are much easier than my regular job. I'll be doing some posts on a few of these in the future.

I've discovered that the manosphere isn't your typical niche market but could better be viewed as a demographic which contains more than a few niches. I also noticed how Alexa data can be misleading if you don't know what's going on in the community surrounding a site. My key takeaway from my seo studies is that 90% of the seo sites out there are a scam.


While I had wanted to try to bang out one post a day for #NoNothingNovember, I just have too much background work to do. Also, banging out a post a day wasn't the goal and it might be my ever sneaky mind trying to distract me. The goal is to quit procrastinating and be working towards a future of my own making. So far l feel like that's what I'm doing. For me, #NoNothingNovember is going good and has proven to be a fantastic motivational tool.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Maintaining Motivation

If you work a high intensity job like I do you will often experience an adrenal crash when you clock out. This can make it hard to stay motivated about your hustle. If you look on the web you will find many handy dandy lists of ways to stay motivated. Like most list posts, they are crap.

One such list says to wake up earlier and to work on your breaks. While I advocate doing both of these, for an unmotivated person, they are less than helpful. Motivation comes from within.

When I work days I routinely get up at four a.m. Two hours before I need to leave. I could easily use this time but I haven't, because I lacked motivation. Instead I I've wasted it reading blogs and nothing else.

The same goes for breaks at work I mindlessly read sites that interest me. If you are serious about something you have to be proactive. Something as simple as keeping a small spiral notebook in your pocket can make a difference. When I read I can take notes.

Modern jobs are filled with long stretches of make-work. Usually the worker is forced to try to seem busy while doing nothing at all. For this reason I advocate stealing time from your employer and working on your hustle on the company dime. I don't feel guilty about this at all. I refuse to be idle just because a corporation wants me to. Idleness is a soul sucking, mind numbing blight.

If you lack motivation you will only find it within.
Get up.
Put one foot in front of the other.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Blog reaction to what i noticed from 29 consecutive days of writing

This is my reaction to what I noticed from 29 consecutive days of writing . As simeone who used to write more regularly and indeed hoped to be a payed writer, I know the value of a daily writing habit. I use an electronic journal myself but I understand personal romance of pen and paper. I can find absolutely nothing to disagree with in the author's post.

Write Like Nobody's Reading

One thing really jumped out at me:

"Since what I’m writing down is for myself there is no reason to censor my writing. I can write about my feelings, problems, thoughts I might have, or record an event that made me smile. There’s no worry about looking “beta” or worrying that some online Real Alpha Male™ will think less of you.

Nobody will see what you write down, so why care about your “online street cred?”"
That is exactly how I want to write. Everywhere. The writers that have resonated with me the most have been the ones who laid themselves bare. When I read your writing and am left with the feeling that you bled for it, then you got me. Yeah that's the way to write.


Yesterday I quit waiting. I've been planning to start a blog for a year. I planned to replace my p.c. when my finances were right. I planned to get an i.s.p. as a second step. After that I would secure a domain name and hosting. In other words, I planned to procrastinate.

It makes no sense to wait for a financial stability marker before I work on something to make myself money.  This decision was partially based on advice of people who  know  like Matt Forney, Mike Cernovich, and Victor Pride: go pro from the get go. These people are not me. There is no similarity between our situations. Matt is a serial web hustler. Mike is an attorney. Vic is an iron willed entrepreneurial success story. I'm a 37 year old married dude with a kid who swallowed the red pill three years ago and almost choked. Their way is not my way.
True to form, I found out about the #NoNothingNovember challenge a few days late. Since I had started the blog a few hours before finding it I figured it was a good opportunity. It will provide me with two things I need: accountability and subject matter.
So here goes... For #NoNothingNovember l will quit waiting. I will pursue a future of my own making.
Stay tuned for updates, I'm out for now.

Getting Started

Conventional wisdom says that a blog has to have certain things, like posts and a purpose. So that's basically all this is, a quick and dirty first post.
What's The Point?
I'm writing this blog mainly because I need to write, but also... I have opinions. The evil patriarchy has set me free and it is time to contribute. Also I'm working on a product and I need a stump to jump up on and sell my wares.
Check back later and see what I'm up to.