Monday, June 1, 2015

My Make Money from No Money Experiment

I've had this site sitting here for quite some time. I've used it for the usual pointless things most personal blogs are used for. I've posted  personal anecdotes about my day and my life. I've deleted most of the posts I've ever made here because they were in fact pointless. In fact I still consider most of the posts that are left to be pointless. All this to say that I found it odd when I received a deposit from Adsense last month.

Sure, I have ads here. I've had an adsense account for years and I've routinely thrown up ads many sites I've ran, I've even gotten paid from them, but this time I didn't expect it. I mean this site is just completely thrown together. Add to this that what ads I've seen displayed appear to be completely irrelevant to the content. The idea that I would make any money at all from this site seems absurd. It also goes against everything we are told about how to make money from a blog. I don't have a domain, I'm not paying for hosting, I don't have a target audience. and in general the writing is poor. So wtf? The answer to that question is... I have no idea. It did however give me an Inkling of an idea. Why not see how far I can take it? Why not see exactly how much money I can make from a free site.

Traditional Ways to Make Money Online

Looking around the web will yield near infinite results for making money online. Most of my readers will be familiar with all of them I'm sure so I wont go over them here. What most of the info you find has in common is an assumption that you own your own domain and are paying for a host. I have done both of those things in the past but I was on a bit of a rocky patch when I started this blog. I had no job and my only internet access was through an old cell phone without even a full browser. I'm no longer in such dire circumstances and had been planning on buying a domain and getting a host. Then I got paid. Therefore I've decided to hold off on that until I feel I've taken this experiment far enough

I Won't Use Underhanded SEO Tactics

While researching for this project I came across Mathew Woodward's Zero Backlink Experiment. His experiment is pretty interesting and the results have made him a load of cash. I think making money online and not becoming an internet dirt bad are both admirable goals. There are plenty of sleazy SEO sites that seem to make money from a combination of gaming Google and talking about how they make money, we don't need another. In short, I won't be joining a PBN or starting my own. I won't purchase Twitter followers or social media shares. All traffic and backlinks for this blog will be generated the old fashioned way.

This Will Require Some Effort

I haven't really ran a for profit site in a while and when I did they were self hosted WordPress blogs. I've forgotten most of what I knew, but it really wouldn't apply in this situation. Blogger has some serious limitations when compared to WordPress. It lacks customization options that seem obvious to most modern web veterans. It isn't as popular due mainly to it's limitations. There is also a big risk that Google could decide to take it down for any reason but you run that risk with any host you don't control. I'm going all in on this and so I'll have to relearn SEO. I'll have to write with a plan rather than pointless web scrawling. I'll also have to learn some new skills and try lots of new things. This looks like an opportunity for personal growth as well as potential wealth.

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

How Juicing Made Me a Super Villain

As a long time reader of Danger and Play I have come to trust Mike so it is kind of odd that until recently I had not checked out his other site Fit Juice. I'm a skinny guy and that doesn't bother me but that doesn't mean I'm unconcerned about my health or that I believe what mainstream medicine has to tell me. In fact I generally believe the opposite. One muscle I'm genuinely concerned about is the one between my ears.

For several months I've been suffering from insomnia, a lack of energy, and what could only be described as brain fog so I began to research the problem and non-conventional treatments (I'm not a conventional guy). What I found were reports about juicing and improved health mental clarity as well as an article on Fit-Juice. I began reading everything Mike had on juicing and was convinced that it was at least worth a try. At this point I sadly decided it was time to spend some money.


Any job requires tools and it helps to have the right ones. Since I wanted to do this as cheaply as possible in case I didn't like juicing or just didn't follow through with my plans I took the advice from Fit Juice and bought the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor. Mike also recommends the Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Juice Extractor as a good option for a cheap juicer and at $69.00 it is cheaper than the Breville which cost me $99.00. I chose the Breville because it just looks better.

Because Mike has provided high quality free information for free for years I decided to buy his Fit Juice Trilogy. People like Mike deserve to be paid. In the spirit of honesty I need to tell you that these links are affiliate links, I like to think I deserve to be paid too.

The Plan

Armed with my new juicer, Mike's books, and the internet, I got started with a juicing regimen for general health, increased energy, and improved cognitive ability. For six weeks I've been doing the following every day:
For Energy and Mental Clarity:
- 3 apples
- 3 beets
- 1 bunch parsley
- 1 head green leafy lettuce (can be romaine, green leafy, red tipped leafy)
- 1 bunch cilantro
- 4 stalks celery
- 1 cucumber
- 3 inches ginger


- 2 Cups of Green Grapes
- 2 Cups of Mint Leaves (packed)
- 1 Fennel Bulb
- 1 Small Cucumber
- ½ Beet

For the Antioxidants and the Brain Boosting Berry Yummyness:
- 2 cups Frozen Berries
- 4 cups of Spinach leaves
- 1 cup of water

I'm aware that that is whole lot of juice every day but given the number of  soft drinks I was drinking before and the very hot job I have it isn't a chore to drink that much. I generally drink all of the above in addition to one liter of water and a cup of coffee during an eight hour shift. In addition to the above recipes I also play around with recipes in the evenings so me and the family have something tasty to drink. I may post some interesting recipes I find in the future. For now though I'll stick to the focus of this article.

The Results

In a word, amazing. At first I didn't notice anything but the juices tasted awesome so I kept at it. About Three weeks in I began to notice my increased energy. I wasn't as tired after work, had greater focus all day long and even slept better. Now at six weeks in, I'm sleeping less, sleeping better, the fog is completely gone, and I feel like I'm alive for the first time in years. I realize that this is far from conclusive scientific proof but I don't care. I know what I know. Juicing has made me a Super-Villain and soon, I will conquer the world.

Passion Found

Everything I've ever pursued has been wrong. I've been successful at everything I've set out to do, but they were all counter to my ideal life. I've been following the path of people who have designed their ideal lifestyle without taking what is generally their first step.

What they all did that I neglected was pursue a passion. I've been pursuing money instead of my passion. Picking a passion isn't as easy as it sounds for a guy like me. I got lost in the scenery of the passion and didn't see the actually passion in the background.

Picking a Passion

I got bogged down first in getting money to achieve my ideal life. This of course leads to a life of chasing paper. If chasing paper is not the goal then how can it be productive? Answer: it can't. Obviously in order to achieve my ideal life I have to begin living it. Now. Not later. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Now.

After this realization the next step is deciding what it is you would like to do. For some this is something exotic like skydiving or becoming an MMA fighter. For others it may be less exciting. I definitely fall into this camp. While travel is a part of my ideal lifestyle, I'm mostly concerned with having the leisure to travel. Having the leisure to do in short, what ever I want.

This is where knowing yourself comes into play. If you don't understand what things you really like then you will do what I did. You will become locked in a painful cycle of setting goals and then losing sight of the goal while pursuing the means. Then you will burn out and start over. The point of all this is that you have to be you and do what you enjoy or you will fail. You can't follow someone else's plan. You can't keep living someone else's life.

What I've Decided to Do

What do I enjoy? I'm a serial enthusiast. I'm a geek. I get caught up in a cerebral pursuit and devour everything I can about it until I get bored and pursue something else. Sometimes I pick these things back up. Sometimes I don't. And that's exactly how I like it. People will say you can't make money like that. You need to buckle down and be serious. To this I have two rebuttals. One: so what? Making money isn't the goal. Living the life I enjoy is the goal. If I enjoy reading, studying, and writing about whatever I am currently interested in and that is what I am doing, then I win. Mission accomplished. Lifestyle designed. Two: you are wrong. Numerous successful people have done exactly what you say can't be done. By pursuing their interests and writing about these endeavors people such as James Altucher, Victor Pride, and Tim Ferris have made millions. For each of them though the money is secondary to living lives of their own choice. The question now is, what do you want to do?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Why Not Me?

Yesterday I read a [post] by Robert and it made me think, why not me. I guess I never realized how much I suffer from analysis paralysis. I've read plenty on the subject but just didn't see it in myself.
I think the main reason is that there are always logical reasons why I can't move forward. I don't own that domain. I can't find a host. I only have a phone to work with. I don't have enough money for inventory. I need to do more research.
Not this time. Here was an idea that would cost nothing. All I need is effort and creativity. A store front isn't needed. No inventory required. I don't have to pay for targeted ads on social media.
It might not make money but I can do it and I can write about it. I can get my feet wet and document my learning process, my failures, and hopefully my successes.
Check back later for more on this, I'm gonna go throw some things at the wall to find out what sticks.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Give Link Love to Sites You Like

Everyone posts links on Twitter and or Facebook and every site except this one has a blogroll. These are excellent ways to provide a little link juice to sites you like. We can do a little more though.

I'm currently running my blog on blogger which sucks, but I digress. I also have a blog on and I post links on these sites along with Twitter.

In my old days I ran a self-hosted wordpress scraper that aggregated links to scifi, cartoon, and comic book articles. It ranked pretty good on Google and made me about $100-$150 every month. That isn't great money but it was virtually free so I didn't complain.

The main reason it did so well was that I created a small private blog network for myself on just about every free blogging platform I could find. Google has updated it's algorithms now so this generally doesn't work quite so well and I personally think it shouldn't. I've since discovered that being a shitty scammer isn't cool...

Links should be natural and organic. That's why I advocate posting links to friends sites on your small blog network. A site with links to articles you like added over a period of time is real and not spammy.

Go share the love.

Friday, November 28, 2014

My Problem With the Manosphere

My problems with the manosphere are twofold. The first is basically a personal issue. I'm a serial enthusiast. I can not commit to a topic. Niche sites are not for me.
Enter my second problem, I absolutely can not waste my time complaining about women, SJWs, the Cathedral, or any of the other pathetic memes I see in the manosphere. I'm married so I'm automatically suspect or seen as a traitor of some kind. I don't have an idea of manhood that amounts to a caricature of masculinity. I'm not afraid of appearing beta to some paper alpha who is likely a basement dwelling internet fucktard. In short, I don't fit in.
I don't care. The manosphere is about being unplugged and throwing off restraint. Living like a man means not apologizing for the choices you make.
If you look at the successful people in the manosphere you will see that they have focused on self fulfillment and telling their stories. Not whining like a bitch about how evil the womenz are.
This will not be that kind of blog. This is just a site to tell my story. My story may not fit a topic. That's ok though. It's my story, not yours.

Friday, November 7, 2014

#NoNothingNovember Update


Since I decided to take the plunge in the wee hours of November 3rd I've noticed that this being busy thing is hard. Trying to continually move towards a goal when you are used to dragging your feet can be murder. Your mind tries to do little innocuous things to get you to go back to being lazy. You focus on how little time there is for your goal when working a full time job. Oddly enough your mind isn't vocal about the lack of time when the idiot box is playing a show you are used to watching.


I've been doing a lot of research on a variety of things ranging from seo to passive income generation to tools for Android. While all of this is necessary it feels like I'm not getting things done. This of course is another trick of the mind. If my inner couch potato can just convince me that I'm not making progress then perhaps I'll chill the hell out.


I've learned that there are a lot of possibilities for generating passive income. There are quite a few that aren't really passive but are much easier than my regular job. I'll be doing some posts on a few of these in the future.

I've discovered that the manosphere isn't your typical niche market but could better be viewed as a demographic which contains more than a few niches. I also noticed how Alexa data can be misleading if you don't know what's going on in the community surrounding a site. My key takeaway from my seo studies is that 90% of the seo sites out there are a scam.


While I had wanted to try to bang out one post a day for #NoNothingNovember, I just have too much background work to do. Also, banging out a post a day wasn't the goal and it might be my ever sneaky mind trying to distract me. The goal is to quit procrastinating and be working towards a future of my own making. So far l feel like that's what I'm doing. For me, #NoNothingNovember is going good and has proven to be a fantastic motivational tool.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Maintaining Motivation

If you work a high intensity job like I do you will often experience an adrenal crash when you clock out. This can make it hard to stay motivated about your hustle. If you look on the web you will find many handy dandy lists of ways to stay motivated. Like most list posts, they are crap.

One such list says to wake up earlier and to work on your breaks. While I advocate doing both of these, for an unmotivated person, they are less than helpful. Motivation comes from within.

When I work days I routinely get up at four a.m. Two hours before I need to leave. I could easily use this time but I haven't, because I lacked motivation. Instead I I've wasted it reading blogs and nothing else.

The same goes for breaks at work I mindlessly read sites that interest me. If you are serious about something you have to be proactive. Something as simple as keeping a small spiral notebook in your pocket can make a difference. When I read I can take notes.

Modern jobs are filled with long stretches of make-work. Usually the worker is forced to try to seem busy while doing nothing at all. For this reason I advocate stealing time from your employer and working on your hustle on the company dime. I don't feel guilty about this at all. I refuse to be idle just because a corporation wants me to. Idleness is a soul sucking, mind numbing blight.

If you lack motivation you will only find it within.
Get up.
Put one foot in front of the other.